Bob and Jettye Lanius are pleased to announce that they have sold to Paddle Up Pickleball. is a comprehensive system designed by Pickleballers that provides player registration and tournament management specifically for the game of Pickleball.  Bob and Jettye chose Paddle Up Pickleball due to the mutual love that both parties share for the game. The transition from Bob and Jettye to Paddle Up Pickleball will ensure continuity, growth, evolution of the system and provide additional services for its customers as the game of Pickleball grows.  Bob, Jettye and Paddle Up Pickleball will work closely together over the next several months to ensure a smooth and seamless transition. 

This transition will not affect any tournaments that are currently in the system. Paddle Up Pickleball will be contacting each Tournament Director that currently has tournaments in the system to answer any questions they may have.   Please note that as part of this transition, the ability to add tournaments (not already in the system) has been locked down until August 15th.  This lockdown will provide time for a fee structure to be established for player registration and use of the tournament management system.  When the system is unlocked on August 15th, you will be able to view the fees for using the system going forward and create new tournaments.   

Note: there will be no fees for registrations or use of the tournament management system for tournaments already set up in the system as of this announcement. 

We will continue to keep you posted periodically on transition activities and be available to answer any questions you may have.  We also encourage, and would appreciate, your feedback regarding your experience with the system, so we may ensure all of you (our customers) are a part of this journey right along with us.  

Thank you for your support and we hope that you extend the same love and support to Paddle Up Pickleball that you've extended to Jettye and Bob over the years!!

If you have any questions, or to provide feedback, please send an email to