Tournament Fees and Billing with

When you setup a tournament online with, you now have two choices:


Both allow you to specify an admin id and password to manage the tournament information, but with Advertising only, you're menu options are limited to the normal 'Tournament' options. Since they are the only options available, no 'Tournament' selection is shown, they are simply listed.

In both cases, specific fees are added to the tournament. With Advertising only, you must pay your fees before the tournament will be listed on the website. With the normal access/usage option, you have 2 days to pay your fees. A warning about this will be visible on the tournament quick stats and is removed once we see the payment.

When setting up a tournament now, you will also get a page asking for 'Billing Information'. This is the responsible party for paying the bills for the tournament. This will be used for the invoice information and will be the default information when paying online. This information may be updated under 'Billing Info'. For normal usage/access, this is found under your Tournament selection.

Billing Info

This page allows you to update your responsible party billing information. It also provides a list of your current tournament charges and payments. If you have fees due, a 'Make Online Payment' button is available to pay online. Clicking this will take you to a payment page to make a confirmation of your fees and you wish to continue to our online payment service.

FirstData services is providing our credit card processing. It is a major service and similar to our implementation with other credit card services, the services are done via their website page. We do not store or maintain the credit card information. Once the payment is made, you will be shown a 'receipt' confirmation and we will automatically post the payment to your tournament. By clicking on the button on the receipt page, you will return to the 'Billing Info' page and it should show your updated charges and payments.
Tournament invoices are sent to you the day after your tournament and due within 10 days after your tournament.