System Requirements

1. Internet Access: This is NOT a stand-alone application. It is a web-based service which requires an internet connection whether thru a land-line (DSL or cable) or wireless.

2. Web Browsers: We test for compatibility against Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

2. A "Windows" based computer is required for tournament desk operations on the computer that will print "full" scoresheets.

3. Printers


  1. Computer mouse: This system is designed to work with a mouse for selections. Other equivalient devices are sufficient, but the keyboard alone would be clumsy.
  2. Laptop computers: Either laptop computers and/or battery backup for tournament operations in case of power outages. Remember, if network hubs, printers, or other hardware is used, it must have battery backup since they do not have a battery. Beware of power consumption on some laser printers.
  3. Computer size: At least a 15 inch screen and equivalent keyboard. Although there are small notebook computers under $300, from experience, the keyboards and screens are too small.