Throughout the registration period, you can monitor the events and event groupings. This can be done without actually creating what we'll refer to as "player brackets" or simply "brackets".

Maybe some terminology may be helpful:

When registration is closed, the following are the normal steps:

  1. Final registration changes (matching partners, posting player lists)
  2. Ratings verification
  3. Initial Bracket creation: This places teams/players into the expected groupings for seeding purposes.
  4. Seeding: placing teams in order according to their expected finish.
  5. Bracket spliting: Some large tournaments split large groups to award a second set of medals.
  6. First round checks so players don't immediately play players from their own club, state, or partner in another event.
  7. Final Bracket drawing

Charts Supported

We currently support the following chart types:

Custom charts are available: Basically any chart where the winner and loser proceed to following matches can be configured. Currently not programmed to handle matches where a player is possible from two different preceeding matches.

Bracket Splitting

All bracket splitting is done after the initial seeding. The seed numbers determine which teams go into which brackets. Two options are cupported: