Warranty and Support

Use of this site is at your own risk.

We highly advise you to test and verify everything: registration, payments, your printers, your internet connection, and everything else. If we're helping at a large tournament, we do this every time. Although we test all improvements, the system is so large, it is impractical to test all permutations.

Generally support is provided by email via info@pickleballtournaments.com

For the latest information new features and fixes, click "System Updates" on the menu. Look at this report, it's almost a daily log of activity and changes. This indicates an active system and something not carved in stone. Improvements are ongoing and come from our users to help them with their tournaments. DO NOT be afraid to ask about an improvement or change. Some are easy, some are not; but they may also help others too. We do try to avoid changes during active tournaments.