Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there documentation?

A: There is online documentation, how-tos, and FAQs for common operations


Q: What about training?

A: Usually for new users, we can arrange training over the phone for registration and pre-tournament support. If volunteers are used to manage the tournament desk, we've found on-site training is sufficient if an experienced supervisor is available. In all cases, it is extremely easier if the users are computer literate. This doesn't mean a guru, just familiar with regular operations: mouse, window usage, and printer operations.


Q: I'm running a tournament and something goes wrong?

A: With prior arrangements, we can be onhand via phone to help with issues. This is also a reason for working live on the internet. We can monitor and provide support.


Q: Who has access to my tournament information?

A: Only the users you have authorized and a few "super" users. The "super" users have authorization to all tournaments to help solve issues and provide support if any person is lost. They do not disclose your tournament information without your permission.


Q: How long will the charts be available on the web?

A: Storage space on the web has been virtually free. Currently there is no time limit on how tournament information will be available. The resulting charts are available as web pages and may be copied to another web site.


Q: Can I download/upload my player information?

A: Authorized users can download selected player and event information in a delimited file. Similarly there is an import cabability for tournaments that provide registration on another website and wish to upload the minimum information to avoid re-entry.


Q: Why am I seeing Skills (in black font) instead of UTPR's in my Registrations?

A: Check your Registration Start and Registration End Dates in Registration Parameters. When these fields are left blank, Skill is displayed instead of UTPR.


Q: Why is my Quick Stats page blank?

A: This can happen if your listing dates are not set properly. Ensure that, in Listing Parameters, your "Listed within these dates" are set to a valid date. For example, make sure that in a month with only 30 days, neither of the fields are set to the 31st.