Tournament Owner Training Videos

These short training videos will help you with some basic parameter settings when setting up your tournament on pickleballtournaments.com, as well as help you with managing registrations and preparing for your tournament.

PickleballTournaments.Com is a very powerful tool customized specifically for pickleball, but most settings may be left with the default, so we focused on those settings you will need to customize for your tournament. 

In addition, there is lots of documentation to help guide you.  When you are logged in to your tournament go to Documentation>Tournament. 

For more information oR if you have a how to video you'd like us to add please contact us at: info@pickleballtournaments.com



Process Flow - how the Referee Desk, Event Desk and Court Desk are used to run a successful tournament


Configure Tournament Videos:

Director Login - how to log in with your Tournament Owner id/password

Boilerplate Files - includes Welcom Page, Contact, Cancellation and other buttons for your tournament

Chart Parameters - how to configure chart paramters

Email Parameters - how to set your email parameters

Search Criteria - how to set tournament ball, surfact type, etc.

Listing Parameters - how to set your listing parameters

Registration Parameters - includes setting up PayPal and Final Payment Deadline After Registration Closes

Club Member Only Registration - how to set up registration for club members only

Documents and Logos - how to load logos, flyer and other documents

Event/Item Setup - includes tournament t-shirt, dinner, contributions, etc

Club Discount - how to set up an event to give club members a discount

Max Entry - how to specific the maximum number of teams/players per event

Wait List - how to set up your event with a wait list


Managing Registration Videos:

Membership Verification - how to verify USAPA membership for sanctioned tournaments

Email Confirmations - how to send confirmations

Reinstate Withdrawn Player - how to reinstate a player that has withdrawn

Problem Reports

Fund Reports

Player Reports - how to run a t-shirt size report

Duplicate Registrations - how to eliminate duplicate registrations


Tournament Preparation Videos:

Final Payment - how to allow player to pay after registration has closed

Dayplanner - how to use the POWERFUL tool to properly schedule your events

Create Brackets - includes seeding and resolving first round conflicts

Seeding a Sanctioned Tournament Bracket

Seeding a Non Sanctioned Tournament Bracket

First Round Conflicts - how to resolve

Scoresheet Spooler - how to download/install and configure

Round Robin Scoresheets - how to configure the Desk Parameters so all round robin scoresheets print out at once

Check-in Desk - how to check-in players on tournament day

Event Desk - how to start an event

Enter Results - how to enter results

Replace Player - how to replace a player before AND after the event has started 

Court Desk - how to assign matches to court


How to register for a pickleball tournament on pickleballtournaments.com